Complete XTECH Rainbow Kit for Xiaomi M365


Complete XTECH rainbow kit with standard 120 mm disc, compatible with all Xiaomi scooter models. The kit includes everything needed for installation, an XTECH rainbow caliper, a standard 120 mm brake disc, the hardened aluminum bracket (essential for installing the XTECH caliper on the scooter) and all the necessary hardware.

Improved bracket model, does not require the use of washers for installation.

Selecciona un KIT XTECH: KIT AOCOIRIS Estándar (Xiaomi M365, 1S, PRO y PRO 2)
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Selecciona un KIT XTECH: KIT AOCOIRIS Estándar (Xiaomi M365, 1S, PRO y PRO 2)

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X-TECH hydraulic caliper,
now available for your Xiaomi M365

This brake kit is designed to improve the original braking system of Xiaomi electric scooters. The main difference with respect to the original braking system is the type of caliper, the original Xiaomi caliper is mechanical, as opposed to the XTECH caliper, which uses a hydraulic system for its operation.


5 advantages of installing the XTECH kit on your Xiaomi scooter

1. Drive.

In the original mechanical brake, the force applied to the lever is transferred to one of the pads (not both) through a brake cable under tension, so braking is not as efficient and the brake pads suffer more wear. In the hydraulic brake, the force is transferred to the pistons of the XTECH hydraulic caliper, and from there to the two pads by means of a fluid (synthetic oil). Due to the pressure exerted by the fluid, the pads will eventually move to squeeze the disc and thus slow down the movement of the wheel. By squeezing the disc on both sides, the brake pads generate more pressure on the brake disc.


2. Braking behavior.

The use of a cable or a fluid to transfer energy to the brake pads substantially changes the type of braking. A hydraulic brake caliper such as the XTECH will offer a more linear and progressive braking behavior (from less to more). The wheels will not lock suddenly, reducing the risk of a mishap or fall and promoting better control and handling of the bicycle. On the other hand, a mechanical disc brake provides a more abrupt, less linear type of braking. The braking power may be greater at the first moment of braking, but the margin to modulate the braking energy according to your needs is reduced. On steep descents, for example, the mechanical brake is less effective than the hydraulic brake.


3. Wet performance.

Related to performance, another major difference between hydraulic and mechanical brakes is their level of effectiveness in the rain. A situation in which good brakes are essential. In wet or slippery terrain it is better to have hydraulic brakes, and not only because they have a greater braking progressiveness. The circuit of a hydraulic caliper brake is completely closed and is more watertight. In mechanical brake calipers the mechanism is exposed at its connection to the caliper. Thus, water is more likely to come into contact, enter the circuit and modify its operation, reducing braking power and modulation.


4. Brake adjustment.

Hydraulic disc brakes are self-adjusting in power, modulation, etc., thanks to the properties of the brake fluid, which is responsible for their operation. On the other hand, a mechanical disc brake will need periodic adjustments to calibrate its power and modulation, through cable tensioning or slackening.

The XTECH caliper has several systems for quickly adjusting braking power,
using screws to adjust the distance of the caliper arm. The following image shows the two ways to adjust the clamp.1. First adjuster for adjusting the brake cable tensioning.
2. Screw to adjust the opening of the XTECH brake caliper arm.


5. Disc brake maintenance.

Hydraulic brakes are much easier to maintain and are more durable than mechanical brakes. In particular, the XTECH caliper requires virtually no maintenance, simply adjusting the stem bolts once a year is sufficient. Mechanical disc brakes, on the other hand, are more easily out of adjustment. They require more constant maintenance, although simple, very similar to the classic shoe type. In addition, their durability is more limited than hydraulics and the pads tend to wear out faster.

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Selecciona un KIT XTECH

KIT AOCOIRIS Estándar (Xiaomi M365, 1S, PRO y PRO 2)


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