Top 3 best tires for Xiaomi M365

The best tube for M365 and M365 Pro scooters Wheels with tube (double reinforcement) Amalibay. As mentioned above, the Xiaomi M365 scooter has two spare parts, two wheels and two inner tubes. Therefore, in case of a puncture, it is very likely that you will decide to repair it yourself. If you choose this alternative, you must be very careful with the hose, as it can be punctured very easily when inserted into the wheel if it is not positioned carefully. You should also be careful with tools as they can force the inner tube and cause a new puncture. The main difference between Xiaomi and Amalibay air tube wheels is the double reinforcement provided by the Amalibay tube to avoid possible breakdowns. However, we must always bear in mind that any inner tube tire can fail.


Recommendation: If we use inner tube tires on our scooter, we should check them from time to time with daily use, as they can lose air and this can cause friction with the wheel, which leads to wear and eventually we have to do it. change the tube. 10 ″ Amalibay inner tube wheels These inner tubes are larger. There is not much difference between the normal cameras and the 10 cameras, but if we compare them in detail we can see that the scooter moves more smoothly when used on slopes with these cameras; but that is not a radical difference. Recommendation: It is recommended to check the wheels weekly, for a maximum of 10 days with daily use of the scooter, as they will lose air and the friction of the wheel with the inner tube.

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