Red solid wheels with holes for Xiaomi (2 pcs.)


This kit includes two units of needle punched solid tires.

Measurements: 8.5*2 inches.

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Selecciona una opción: 2X RED

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Thinking of installing solid wheels on your scooter?

Discover our premium range of solid wheels for Xiaomi


Improved cushioning, stability and durability

↓ Comparison table of solid tires for Xiaomi ↓

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The solid perforated wheels effectively absorb the irregularities of the road thanks to the composition and design through longitudinal holes. This results in a lower weight of the scooter and better cushioning.

The kit includes two solid holed wheels


How are our solid holed wheels different from other models?

Since they started producing solid tires for Xiaomi M365 the designs have evolved exponentially to offer electric scooter users maximum driving comfort. Currently our kit includes the latest version of anti-puncture tires:

  1. Previous versions: The first models of solid wheels (V1 version) have a good operation, but due to its design and type of rubber (thermoplastic “rubbers”, TPE) reduces the battery life and damping of the elements of the road, since it is a material of great hardness. The reduction of the battery is due to its high weight, due to its design, only with transverse holes a lot of rubber is used in its construction, which exponentially increases the weight of the tire (1,000 grams of weight per V1 tire). As a result, the damping of the road is reduced, as the tire does not have an efficient design to absorb the irregularities of the terrain.
  2. Updated solid wheel: The version we offer in Iscooting is the latest version of solid anti-puncture tires for Xiaomi M365 / PRO / 1S and PRO 2, since the composition it uses is 100% rubber, unlike the previous versions (thermoplastic), the material is softer so it efficiently absolves the irregularities of the terrain. All tires offered by Iscooting have a 100% rubber composition.

What type of tire is best for my scooter?

Solid or air tire?

Each type of tire has its advantages and disadvantages. In the market of wheels for electric scooters there is a wide variety of tire models, but we could divide it into two main categories, air tires and solid tires. Air tires require an internal air chamber for operation, while solid tires do not require an air chamber.


Pros and Cons of Air Tires

  • Advantages of air tires: This type of tires have a greater absorption and damping capacity as long as a correct weekly maintenance of the pressure of the internal chambersis made, we also recommend changing the internal air chambers every 1,200 kilometers to avoid future punctures.
  • Disadvantages of air tires: This type of tires tends to get punctured often (especially on Xiaomi brand scooters), so if weekly maintenance (tire pressure) and periodic changes of the internal chamber is not an advisable option.


Pros and Cons of Solid Tires

  • Advantages of solid tires: With this type of tires are the best choice for those who want to be sure to avoid future puncturesThe internal chamber, on the other hand, is not required. no maintenance will be required and the estimated tire life is more than 2,000 kilometers.
  • Disadvantages of solid tires: Solid tires still have a higher weight than air tires,and the installation process of this type of tires is longer, it requiresheating the tire to be able to install it more easily.

Additional information

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Include 2 mounting levers (recommended), Without mounting levers


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Models compatible with the productRed solid wheels with holes for Xiaomi (2 pcs.) :

Cecotec Outsider Bongo seria A
Xiaomi M365
Xiaomi M365 1S
Xiaomi M365 Essential
Xioami M365 PRO
Xioami M365 PRO 2

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