Dualtron X II (2022)


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  • Motor: dual 8300 W
  • Battery: Lithium battery 72V 42 Ah LG 21700
  • Maximum speed: 100 Km/h
  • Autonomy: Up to 150 Km

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Technical specifications

72V 42 Ah LG 21700

The perfect performance

Weight of 66 Kg

The most optimal stability

8300 W Dual Motor

Maximum power

13'' tubeless wheels

Sporty precision

Maximum speed of 110 km/h

Limited to 25 Km/h

2-year warranty

The best after-sales service

Range of 130-150 km

Allows long journeys

Magnetic and hydraulic brakes

With EABS system


Display LCD
Everything under control

Maximum load 150 kg
Take it all with you!

Charging time 5-12 h
Always ready

Aviation aluminum
Assured durability

Dual suspension
Maximum stability

360º LED lights
Maximum range vision

In Iscooting store electric scooters, you will find this new electric scooter Dualtron X II,if you are looking to buy an electric scooter is an authentic 4×4 model designed to tame any type of terrain, thanks to its 13″inchwheels. This is the best electric scooter in the segment, thanks to its versatility you can ride for both mountainous and city terrain. Its LG battery and powerful 8300W dual motor, is the ideal combination for riders looking for a powerful electric scooter with total flexibility.

Comparison dualtron scooters

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Motor (Potencia nominal/máxima)4150W / 8300W3350W / 6700W3320W / 6640W3320W / 6640W2700W / 5400W1800W / 3600W2700W / 5400W1200W / 2400W1600W / 3400W1800W / 3600W1200W / 3000W2000W / 4000W1800W / 3600W800W / 1600W800W / 1470W (pico)
Autonomía150 Km150 Km130 Km130 Km120 Km110 Km90 Km90 Km80 Km60 Km50 Km / 70 Km80 Km / 100 Km80 Km / 100 Km60 Km40 Km / 55 Km / 65 Km
Batería72V 42Ah60V 52Ah72V 31.5Ah72V 35Ah59.2V 34.8 Ah60V 30Ah60V 24.5Ah60V 24.5Ah60V 21Ah60V 18.2Ah60V 17.5Ah60V 24Ah / 30Ah60V 22.4Ah / 24.5Ah60V 18.2Ah13Ah / 17.5Ah / 21Ah
Velocidad Máxima110 Km/h100 Km/h110 Km/h100 Km/h85 Km/h65 Km/h60 Km/h60 Km/h55 Km/h75 Km/h60 Km/h80 Km/h75 Km/h60 Km/h45 Km/h
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NeumáticosTubeless 13"Tubeless 13"Tubeless 11"Hinchable 11"Tubeless 11"Tubeless 10"Tubeless 10"Hinchable 10"Hinchable 8"Hinchable 10"Hinchable 10"Tubeless 10"Hinchable 10"Tubeless 8"Hinchable 8.5"
Peso66 Kg59 Kg49 Kg40 Kg43.5 Kg34.2 Kg37 Kg21 Kg35 Kg30 Kg26 Kg34.2 Kg25 Kg21 Kg22 Kg
Carga Máxima150 Kg150 Kg150 Kg150 Kg130 Kg130 Kg130 Kg90 Kg120 Kg120 Kg100 Kg120 Kg120 Kg120 Kg100 Kg
Pendiente47 %35 %35 %35 %35 %25 %25 %25 %47 %35 %35 %35 %35 %25 %25 %
Dimensiones del producto140 / 80 / 40 cm140 / 80 / 40 cm140 / 80 / 40 cm123 / 60 / 53 cm128 / 43 / 30 cm119 / 59 / 36 cm115 / 50 / 25 cm115 / 50 / 25 cm119 / 59 / 36 cm150 / 55 / 37 cm115 / 50 / 25 cm119 / 59 / 36 cm120 / 55 / 37 cm125 / 60 / 33 cm115 / 50 25 cm

Dualtron X II

In Iscooting your trusted electric scooter shop, you will find the new the new Dualtron XII, has become a real revolution, if we thought that the Dualtron X had already reached the top, Minimotors surprises us with this top electric scooter that has become the most powerful, fast and advanced of theworld.

The new dualtron X II adult electric scooter has a 8300W dual power output and thanks to its LG 72V 42Ah battery you will get the monstrous maximum speed of 100km/h (limited to 25km/h. Unlimited to 110 km/h: only on customer’s request, for private use only) and up to 150km of autonomy. The new Dualtron X II, has incorporated 13″ anti-puncture tubeless wheels and hydraulic disc brakes front and rear. A high-end scooter, powerful, resistant and safe for the most demanding users! The never-seen!

The new Dualtron X II scooter incorporates hydraulic front and rear suspension (adjustable) with which you will achieve maximum safety, durability, resistance and maneuverability. In addition to this, it incorporates a new 360º led lighting more powerful, in the center of the stem that many users asked for, front and rear position lights in the tray, backlit logos and an LED ramp under the tray

The driving of this authentic rocket may seem complicated but thanks to the great stability of the machine and its weight of 66 Kg makes its aerodynamics keep it stuck on the ground.

The Dualtron X II scooter, It has a cooling system during circulation to ventilate the engine, likewise, the controllers and the unlocking of the machine is by fingerprint reader. Equipped with the best technology on the market.

This Dualtron X II has the following accessories: LG brand 72 V 42 Ah lithium battery, hydraulic front and rear suspension, 13 inch ultra wide wheels without camera (tubeless), magnetic and hydraulic brakes, water jet air cooling system and fingerprint recognition system, led lights, adjustable suspension, stand.

The new Dualtron X II scooter comes to break all the established limits, it is the new masterpiece of electric scooters!

Additional information

Weight40,2 kg
Dualtron X II Model

72V 42Ah LG, UP 72V 45Ah LG


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